Thursday, December 14, 2017

Last post of 2017!

Hello 4th and 5th grade families,

We are officially finished with the school year for 2017!  Here is a quick look into what the students have been up to over the past few weeks.  Pictures from the Winter Show and the plays are below!  The 4/5 students have received many compliments on both of their performances this week!  They've done a terrific job.

Enjoy the "winter" break!
Ms. Fezekas

Reading - This quarter, we read six short stories of different genres:  The Landlady (mystery/horror), The Elephant's Child (pourquoi tale), All Summer in a Day (science fiction), The Fly (play/folktale), The Bracelet (historical fiction), and A Day's Wait (realistic fiction).   The students practiced the concepts of making inferences, using context clues to guess the meaning of unknown words, identifying several types of figurative language, and providing evidence for the author's message/purpose.  Students also got a chance to perform a play (either The Fly or The Elephant's Child) in front of another elementary class.

Writing - The students are well into drafting their pourquoi tales!  Students are building the action and adding dialogue between characters all while teaching a lesson and explaining the origin of a feature.  It's a complex type of creative story but the kids are rising to the challenge and learning a lot about the qualities of good writing along the way.

4th Grade Math - After completing a unit on multiplication, the fourth graders explored the relationship between division and multiplication and put it to use while estimating, measuring, and converting metric units.  We have been focusing primarily on the millimeter, centimeter, meter, and kilometer.

IXLs: E1 and 2, N11, 12, 15, and 17

5th Grade Math - The fifth grade students have been exploring the relationship between fractions and decimals.  So far, students have identified, drawn, manipulated, compared and ordered decimals to the thousandths place.

IXLs:  G1-6 are basic decimal concepts if review is needed,  G8-15 are more difficult concepts,
 and try G16 for a challenge!

I also recommend your child reviews decimal basics with this video.

Social Studies- The students have finished their research project on a culture of their choice and have given their presentations!  They learned several "on the surface" aspects of the culture as well as some of the customs and values of the culture.  Building on this, students will next be thinking about their own culture or cultures in a "What Makes Me, Me?" project.

Upcoming Dates

Winter Break - Dec. 16th to Jan. 7th
First day back:  Monday, January 8th!
Last day of first semester:  January 24th

The Winter Show:

Play Practice!

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