Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The End of the Year is Here!

Hello 4th and 5th grade families,

The 2016-2017 school year is nearly over!  Thank you very much for all of your support this year; the kids made great progress and had fun along the way.  Enjoy the summer and I'll see most of you next year!  Best of luck to those moving on!

Ms. Fezekas

Grades 4 and 5, 2016-2017
Here's some information about what were up to as we wrapped up the year.  Photos from the Kangaba trip are at the bottom.  Enjoy!

Reading:  After finishing their small group novels, the students got together to discuss the themes of courage and bravery.  We read several articles and a children's book on the topic and discussed examples of everyday bravery.  The unit culminated in a Socratic Seminar in which all students participated.  They had a strong, academic conversation and proved they could support their ideas with evidence, build on each other's ideas, and challenge each other's ideas respectfully.

Writing:  The students have finished their historical fiction pieces and will be bringing home a hard copy on the last day of school.  The students were able to share their stories with the class and received some peer praise.  They all worked very hard taking their pieces through several revisions and adding an author's note.  They rose to the challenge and should be very proud of their work!

Math:  Both groups covered several additional geometry concepts and one additional new unit during the last part of the year.  IXL accounts will remain active during the summer if your child wants to do extra practice.  I also encourage them to play the math games from the sites listed on the blog to review any of the concepts we've learned this year.  Math Antics (linked on the left-hand side as well) has engaging videos that would be additional good review.

Grade 4:  The fourth graders learned about different types of lines, triangles, and quadrilaterals and the basics of 3-D shapes.  Additionally, they were introduced to basic decimal concepts:  place value, how to represent decimals in expanded-form and grids, the decimal-fraction relationship, and comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting decimals.

Grade 5: The fifth graders learned some advanced geometry concepts such as the surface area of cubes, rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, and cylinders, the parts of a circle and how to find the area and circumference of circles, and the volume of some regular and irregular shapes.  The students also learned some basic coordinate graphing concepts such as how to plot and identify points on various whole and fraction-number scales, how to identify a pattern between the x and y coordinates, and how to graph a straight line.

Social Studies:  The government simulation project was very engaging.  Students had to make decisions about the organization of their governments and then respond to natural, internal, and external threats while still sticking to the main goal: to uphold human rights.  It was certainly a challenge but the students worked hard and learned a lot in the process.

Enjoy some photos from yesterday's trip to Kangaba!

We will miss you, Ihcene and Anita!!!

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