Thursday, January 12, 2017

Online Learning Day

Here you can find information on the assignments for the at-home learning day, January 13th.  

Please note that in addition to the email that I sent:

  • Intermediate French students (with Ms. Isabelle) have poems (poésies) to work on.  
  • Advanced French students should read and summarize their selected stories or tales from Africa, France, and Quebec

Much of the work requires internet access and a computer.  The students use Google Chromebooks often at school and so they may be a bit confused about how to access their email, Google Drive, and Google Classroom from a home computer.  One way to do this is to..
  • Enter your email and password
  • Here you will find your writing and in the "Share with Me" folder you will find some resources for Social Studies
  • A quick way to get to Google Classroom is to go to once you are signed into google and then click on 4/5 Literacy
For those that don't have a way to do online work at home I have made separate accommodations and explained it carefully to them.  

Your child should be able to do all of this independently.  Suggested total time is 3.5 hours for all work.  Somewhere between 3 and 4 hours is expected. Please do not have your child work for more than four hours and be sure to allow them to take breaks as needed.  

Although it is not included in the plan, I wanted to remind you of the reading resource we have online,  Your child could use this as an alternative to their silent reading book choice.  Directions for access are below.
  1. Visit  
  2. Click on the green "Kids Login" button
  3. Enter teacher username amali0 (that is a zero)
  4. Find your name, click on it, and enter your unique password (the beginning of your email address, before the @ sign).  
Please email me with any questions or concerns,
Ms. Fezekas

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