Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wrapping up 2016!

Hello 4th and 5th grade families,

It has been a very busy last few weeks with the Winter Show and all of the pre-holiday energy! Below, you can read a bit about what we've been up to in 4/5.   I apologize for the lack of pictures. I'll put "take more student pictures" at the top of my resolutions list.
Happy holidays and a wonderful start to the new year!
Ms. Fezekas

Reading:  We've been focusing on figurative language for the last few weeks; recognizing it, using it, and manipulating it.  Students have illustrated an idiom and created a "flip book" reviewing the concepts.  Concepts from the poetry and figurative language units that the students have mastered include:  alliteration, assonance, meter, rhyme scheme, onomatopoeia, repetition, allusion, simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, and idioms. Coming up during the last few weeks of the quarter, we will be exploring different current events articles and reviewing how to summarize and identify cause and effect in non-fiction texts.

Writing:  Students have been hard at work writing poetry and choosing one of their free writing pieces to take through the writing process.  With such a small class size, students are able to benefit from frequent conferences with a teacher or peer.  By the end of the quarter, students will have published two original poems and one other writing piece of their choosing.
4th Grade:  The fourth graders have learned and practiced multi-digit multiplication as well as long division.  Students have had ample practice decomposing numbers, using place value charts, and drawing arrays and rectangles to help break down division.  These strategies have been useful to show them why the algorithms work.

Ex:  96 divided by 4 can be thought of as 8 tens and 16 ones, both of which are divisible by four. That way, students can divide the tens and the ones mentally to arrive at the answer, 24.  

IXLs on these concepts:  D13, D14, D17-24, E4-14

5th Grade:  To wrap up their numbers and operations unit which included all four operations of whole numbers and decimals, the fifth graders have created their own menus and questions to go along with them.  The sixth graders will be completing the activity that each student has designed and providing them with feedback. 

IXLs on these concepts:  I5, I6, J1 - 4

Social Studies:  We are nearing the end of the Social Studies unit on Life and Change in Bamako. We have gathered information from several primary and secondary sources and, upon returning from the holiday break, students will be taking on a role and deciding whether quality of life is improving or declining for a person in that role.  Students will be synthesizing the information we've discovered and making an argument.  The final presentation will use Google Slides; I'm looking forward to what the students come up with!

Upcoming Dates

December 17th: Break begins
January 4th:  First day back
January 20th:  Last day of Q2
January 26th:  Report cards sent home

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