Tuesday, June 7, 2016

End of the Year!

End of the Year 2016

Hello 4/5 Students and Parents,

We made it to the end of the year!  There is a lot to celebrate; everyone has worked so hard.  In this last blog post, I have added videos and pictures to share all that we've accomplished.  You can find our persuasive iMovies on issues effecting the ocean, our comic on Ebola, an Invention Convention slide show, and pictures and slideshows of our well-deserved celebrations. Your child will bring their published writing home with them on Friday.  Congratulations to all! Happy vacation and best of luck on your new adventures!

I'll truly miss being with this class,
Ms. Fezekas

Tendresse and Maxwell:  Coral Bleaching and Ocean Acidification

Maimouna, Zane, Abdias, Christy: Sea Levels Rising and Ice Caps Melting

Dior, Jesse, Elya, and Yohann:  Plastic Pollution

Selihom, Julia, and Amadou:  Overfishing

Ousmane, Maria, and Aida:  Fish Migration

El-Shadai and Maxime:  Fertilizer Run-Off and Dead Zones

Gladd, Saran, and Pablo:  Tourism and Transportation

Denise, Wandile, and Loic:  Drilling and Mining

First-ever AISB Invention Convention!

Amadou and the Ebola Virus

Kangaba Slideshow, made by Ms. Inna

More Kangaba Pictures and Group Pictures!

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