Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 2016

May 2016

Only a few weeks left!

Hello Grade 4 and 5 Families,

Thank you for coming to conferences.  It was nice to see you and celebrate all of the hard work the students have put in this year!  Here is a summary of what we've been up to lately.  Don't miss the pictures at the end!

Ms. Fezekas

Reading - We are eight chapters into Seedfolks.  Each chapter is from the perspective of a different character and students are analyzing each character and their motivations.  We are at the point where the different story lines are coming together in a beautiful way.  In addition, students are making a setting book that shows how the vacant lot is developing into a community garden.  There are only a few chapters left and then we will be preparing for a socratic seminar related to the book.

Writing - All students are hard at work in the drafting stage of their historical fiction stories.  They are working on adding in their research as subtle details and "showing", not "telling" their stories in their distinct voice.  Next up, students will write an author's note, separating fact from fiction.

Math - To wrap up what we learned in geometry, students went on a geometry hunt around the school (see pictures below).  Students have also designed towns that include all different types of lines, angles, polygons, and solids.  We are currently working on unit conversions in measurement and will be relating the metric system to place value and our base-ten number system; math this year has come full circle!

Science - The iMovies have turned out very well.  Ms. Yaa is helping individual groups polish their movies and then we will post the students work on here!  Students have been hard at work inventing. This week, students will work on their display boards in class in preparation for the Invention Convention!

Social Studies - We have reviewed mapping skills and learned about latitude and longitude! Students have been investigating different maps in the classroom atlases and drawing conclusions about locations based on different types of maps.  To review our earlier units this year on Africa and the Age of Exploration, students will be making a human characteristic or physical characteristic map of either Africa, North America, or South America and, in groups, they will be drawing conclusions about what these maps tell us about reasons for and effects of colonization.

Upcoming Dates

May 25th:  Africa Day, no school
May 27th:  Africa Day assembly, 4/5 students will perform!
June 3rd:  Invention Convention, 8:00 - 11:30
June 8th:  Class party (info to come)
June 10th:  Final day of school!  11:45 dismissal

Enjoy some photos from our Geometry Hunt and our trip to Kangaba!