Friday, October 16, 2015

News of the Week: 10/12/15 - 10/16/15

October 12th - October 16th

Hello 4th and 5th grade families!

We had an exciting week of presentations.  Thank you to those who were able to attend the assembly this week.  This afternoon we were able to perform our reader's theater to the 2/3 class.  The students did a wonderful job at both and we ended the week sharing compliments and appreciations to each other for a successful week of team work.  

Reading:  This week in reading, students worked on fluency and expression during their reader's theatre and assembly presentation preparation.  We continued with using the FQR strategy while reading challenging non-fiction.  Students also got some time to delve into their independent reading books.  

Writing:  The students have been working hard to finish their stories, peer edit, and make the changes their peer suggests.  It has been great to see the students reflect carefully on their own writing as well as their peer's writing, giving compliments and making suggestions.  Typing will be next week.  

Math:  In both levels we worked with the basics of algebra.  Students discovered the importance of word order in variable expressions and began to evaluate expressions and write some of their own.
In grade 4, we worked on the properties of multiplication and investigated strategies to find all factors of given numbers.
In grade 5 - the students modeled division with place value blocks, reviewed the algorithm for long division and why it works, and began looking at the difference between multiplication patterns and division patterns with zeros.  

Science:  This week we learned all about the muscular system!  Students learned about skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle.  They also did an investigation of different muscles to determine if they were voluntary, involuntary, or both.  We tested the arm, leg, pupil, eyelid, heart, and lungs!  We were also able to draw conclusions about our chicken bone that had been submerged in vinegar for a week.  Brave students tested it and concluded that it became weak and very bendable! We deduced that the calcium was eaten away and so the bone lost its strength.  Teams are working well on their "Journey through the Human Body" stories.

Upcoming Dates:

October 20th:  Individual and group yearbook photos taken 
October 21st:  End of Quarter 1
October 22nd and 23rd:  No school
October 27th:  Field trip to a local school in Sikoro
October 30th:  Students from Sikoro to visit AISB
November 2nd:  Quarter 2 After School Activities begin

Enjoy some photos from this week!

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