Friday, September 4, 2015

31/8 - 4/9: News of the Week

August 31st - September 4th

Hello!  Here's a look into what your child has been up to this week!

Reading:  We are now finished with chapters one through five in the class novel The Kid in the Red Jacket, and the kids are hooked!  We continue to focus on making inferences while developing vocabulary, adding to the plot diagram, and independently reflecting on the reading through engaging questions.  Café Reading went well this week and the students are making strong progress on their independent book choices.  I will be testing students individually for the DRA reading assessment throughout the month of September.

Writing:  We continued to develop our realistic fiction story ideas and most students have now chosen the idea they plan to turn into a polished writing piece.  We focused on developing our main character first, deciding on intrinsic and extrinsic qualities and conjuring up a few scenes that will show these qualities.  Today, students began making story arcs to plot out the main parts of their stories.  Next week we will begin drafting.  Also next week, all of AISB will be doing a common writing prompt to better understand students' writing skills on an individual and grade-level basis. These assessments are one tool we use to guide our teaching and planning and students will be reminded to give their best effort!

Math:  We finished up our unit on place value for both grade levels and the students had their first assessment.  Our assessments will focus on the topic just learned as well as word problem solving skills.  We will do frequent practice expanding and communicating our mathematical thinking skills throughout the year.  

Social Studies:  Students finished up their research on their assigned countries and teams have decided how to break down the responsibilities for the final projects.  Together, teams will create a theme park for their region which demonstrates what they've learned in a fun and engaging way. The theme parks will have rides (famous places), restaurants (food and drink), stages (performances), a water feature, living history museums, a gift shop (artisanal crafts), and will be designed with the landscape of the region in mind.  Students will be creating a large map of the park as well as a brochure and some menus, programs, and/or "items for sale" lists.

Upcoming Dates:
September 5th:  Back-to-School BBQ from 13:00 - 15:00 
September 8th:  In-class 6+1 Writing Prompt
September 19th-28th:  Tabaski break (no school)

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